Helping Our Friends Out at Dub Empire Co!

Our friends over at Dub Empire Co have recently begun to modify their Mk7 Golf Sportwagen TDI. They came to us to kick it all off with what they, and us, agree to be some of the first “essential mods” that can be done to your new car.

Each of the parts could be considered minor modifications but they’re all “Driver-oriented” and since you are behind the wheel almost more than you are your bed (maybe) then you’ll notice these little upgrades will make a big difference in your daily drive!

We will share some of their photos but take a look at their blog post and see what they had to say about the parts, and us! Thanks again! Hopefully we will be able to help with the next set of goodies!

Blind Spot Mirrors

GTI Style Pedals

Euro Switch

Dub Empire Co Mk7 Goodies from UroTuning



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