Mk5 Jetta Update v1.0

If you’ve followed along with the Solowerk install, we mentioned we’d update with some of the technical numbers as far as how low they went, etc.

Well, the results are in!

As you saw before, the daily wheels setup are stock 18×7.5″ GTI Austin wheels with 225/40/18 Pirelli tires. For the annual FixxFest show put on by us here at UroTuning, a set of 18×8.5″ Rotiform CCV wheels were borrowed, utilizing the same size tire. Here is a photo for reference of the outcome:


The final measurements were just about 24.5″ ground to fender (GTF) all the way around with the front coils spun all the way down, and the rear having as much space equivalent to the collar left to go (which is minimal!). While this isn’t the lowest of setups available, it seems to get the job done, especially with the right wheel/tire setup. Which is leading to this teaser!


This is going to be the next setup. The new Rotiform Cast SIX wheels in 18×8.5″ et45. The reasoning for doing a higher offset to start with is to test and figure how the fitment will be with the tires, and we can always have the option to add spacers if need be. They will have the same tires from the stock Austin’s as a starting point, and once those tires are done (sooner than later), and we see how the stance is, it will be determined if a more “meaty” tire will be used, or not. Again, since the coilovers don’t go as low to be able to pull off more aggressive “stance fitments” a slightly more “motorsport” look will work well here – hopefully!

The Rotiform Cast SIX’s can be found HERE – available in 18″ & 19″ – Silver or Black

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