Mk5 VW Jetta Solowerk S1 Coilover & UroTuning Sway Bar Install

Solowerk’s and UroTuning recently got together to work on a local customer’s car together by installing a set of their S1 coilovers and a UroTuning Adjustable Rear Sway Bar. All work was completed by Danny Hitson at Hitson the Diagnostic Guy in Valrico, FL who has been a great asset to the local Euro community by doing great work!

Moving forward, the car is a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. The owner has slowly tried to add some OEM+/GLI modifications to it as well. It is certainly on it’s way to becoming a great daily driver that can have some pep in it’s step, be reliable, and show well too!

The Solowerk coilovers arrived nicely packaged and almost ready to go. There is of course some assembly required and it’s usually always suggested to at least get new OEM suspension installation parts or an upgraded aftermarket brand, i.e. new upper mounts/bearings, and hardware; which is what was done here. This will always ensure that all the components are kept within tolerance and spec.

Fit and Finish: These components from Solowerk’s seem to be very durable and competitive to other brands out there. Albeit the price point for these are more “entry-level” they certainly seem to feel like they will withstand daily driving miles and time. Everything installed onto the car as it should with little to no qualms with mounting points or hardware.

Ride Quality: So far the ride has been what you would expect from being lowered and having a stiffer suspension. Regular driving on straight/flat roads and highways almost has a stock feel to it, again, just a tad stiffer. When you come across some bumps, however, you can really tell everything is stiffened up. There is a pretty good rebound when going over bumps. Not bouncy, but just a stiff return. If you’re no stranger to these types of modifications, you will understand. Overall, the ride quality again is on par with some more pricey coilovers and will definitely give you a good bang for your buck, as long as your car isn’t going to be seeing the track much.


The coils were set with about 6 threads left on the bodies at all four corners. This, as seen in the photo below, left a small gap above the stock GTI Austin 18″ wheels and stock tire size of 225/45. This was done simply as a starting point in order to let the suspension “settle in,” get an alignment, and find a good height for daily driving. Fear not, these coils definitely show promise of going a bit lower which will be done for UroTuning’s upcoming show – FixxFest 14.


UroTuning Rear Sway Bar: At 25mm, and 2-way adjustable, this bar is a great upgrade over the stock bar. Not only will the bar help to neutralize the overall handling by stiffening the rear end, it will greatly reduce understeer and minimize body roll under hard cornering. The sedan body of the Jetta will really benefit from this! UroTuning includes all the hardware, mounting brackets, and urethane bushings to install the bar. The only other item that is recommended to go with the sway bar is new OEM or aftermarket sway bar endlinks. As with the case on this car, the original endlinks were a little rusty and a set of new OEM links chosen for install. Aftermarket adjustable links would be better suited for the driver looking to have more adjustability for track use and pre-loading the suspension and corner balancing.



In conclusion of this first update – we will update again as soon as we have the photos of the sway bar install, as well as height measurements with ground-to-fender height (GTF) numbers at the current setting, and with the coils all the way down later this weekend.

If you’re looking to purchase the coilover set or the sway bar for this particular make/model we will include the links to them below! Thanks for following, and stay tuned!

Mk5 Solowerk Coilover Set at UroTuning

UroTuing 25mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

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