Watch a Porsche Cayenne Pull a Plane!

Just because the Porsche Cayenne’s tow rating is under 10,000 pounds doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of some spectacular one-off feats, like towing an airplane.

Porsche used a European-spec 2017 Cayenne S Diesel to earn the Guinness World Record for the heaviest aircraft pulled by a production car. It pulled an Air France Airbus A380, which weighs about 285 metric tons (approximately 628,000 pounds). The previous record holder pulled just 170 metric tons, so this is a big improvement.

The Cayenne was not modified to achieve this record. It used a standard tow bar, to which a special towing attachment was secured. After all, there’s no off-the-shelf solution when you decide to tow an airliner with a bone-stock Porsche sport ute.

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