Audi not catching the “drift”?


Drift modes are popping up in sports cars all over the world, but Audi Sport development boss Stephan Reil refuses to have anything to do with them, insisting they’re a waste of time and tires. So if you want to show off with a wild-looking, tire-smoking, perfectly controlled drift in an Audi Sport model, you will have to brush up on your car control, not your button pushing.
“No drift mode. Not in the R8, not in the RS3, not in the RS6, not in the RS4,” Reil said. “I don’t like them. I do not see the reason for them. We do not see the sense in sitting there burning the back tires. It’s not fast.”

That seems a bit like Reil and his team are missing a trick that is proving popular with enthusiast buyers and isn’t technically difficult to do. It’s also a whole lot safer than holding down the skid-control button for long enough to switch off all the electronic safety nets, which Audi Sport will actually let you do.

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-Michael Taylor, AutoBlog


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