Airbag FAQ’s @ UroTuning


When trying to determine if you should buy coilovers or airbags there are several things to consider. Coilovers are a height adjustable suspension system that requires the ride height to be adjusted manually by jacking up the car and threading the springs up or down. Airbag suspension will allow ride height adjustment just like coilovers but adjustment can be made at the push of a button inside the car, need to make it over a speed bump?? just air up the bags and get over with no worries about scraping! The only benefit to coilovers over airbags is the simple installation compared to an airbag system. Airbag suspension offers easy ride height adjustment and the ability to air out the suspension for the most extreme drop possible when parked. The ride quality of airbags is also subjectively better than coilovers due to the larger range of suspension travel with airbags.
Yes! When properly installed an airbag setup is just as reliable as any other suspension setup. As with any car modification the quality of the installation will make a huge difference in the reliability of the system being installed. Taking time to perform the installation correctly and not cut any corners will leave you with a reliable airbag suspension system. If your not comfortable with doing the install yourself we highly recommend professional installation with someone that has experience with airbag suspension.
There are several options to choose from for your airbag management. The most basic systems are called “Manual” which use manually controlled valves to control the air coming in and out of the bags. Stepping up from there is the “Analog” systems which use a controller that electronically controls valves to air up and down. The top of the line systems are “Digital” management setups that use an ECU with advanced features such as height presets, system monitoring, tank pressure changes and even controls from your phone! The pricing for these systems are inline with their capabilities with Manual being the cheapest and Digital the most expensive. The system you choose will be based on the features you are looking for and the budget you have to make the purchase. Check out our Management Comparison Guide…

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