2018 Audi RS4 Avant Prototype Spied Testing at The Nurburgring


Audi is ushering in a new RS4 platform that is sure to impress both journos and consumers. The revised A4 has proven to be a worthwhile change that not only betters the model’s dynamics but its overall package as well, meaning that the pumped up version is looking up from here. With the RS4 being one of the brand’s most noteworthy cars in recent memory, the Avant variant is especially coveted. This video shows a prototype of the performance estate blasting its way through the Green Hell, carving the steep corners with composure and tire squeal aplenty.

Although the car is covered up with swirls and an eye-tricking wrap, we can start to make out the generalities of the RS4’s design. Widened arches present of course, helping to set the pace for the rest of the car’s aggressive look, fitting the larger rubber to aid the Avant’s performance. It takes a few cues from its recently introduced big brother, the S5, with a gaping grill and cut outs on each side to display a mean front fascia. A raked roofline completes the profile, adding a swept back appearance to the go-fast family hauler.

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