CarThrottle: 6 Things You Should Never Do In A Slammed Car


Slamming your car might make it look cool, but there are rules you must follow when driving a car that scrapes if you want to avoid embarrassment and some very costly repairs…


1. Never drive anywhere that has an incline

Now your car is scrapin’ with the best of them, inclines are your enemy. Driveways, car parks, and even the occasional hill will see you rubbing your skirts and underside on the tarmac. Take it easy, and you’ll keep your bumpers intact.


2. Never drive down a residential street

Speed bumps are not your friend. If you find yourself faced with a speed bump, your best bet is to just turn around. To avoid the possibility of encountering this problem, stay away from any residential streets, just in case. In fact, avoiding anything that’s not a major road is probably the best solution…


3. Never drive in a straight line

Angles are your friend! In case you do fail to avoid any inclines, don’t drive straight at them unless you’re totally cool with parting company with your bumper.

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