West Coast Choppers Is Selling Hermann Göring’s VW Beetle on eBay

“Hey, dear reader—any chance you happen to be a mass murder-obsessed car collector with a particular fetish for Volkswagens owned by despicable people? Well, then, we’ve got good news for you. Ted Bundy’s VW Bug may still be locked away in the Crime Museum, but you could soon become the owner of Hermann Göring’s Volkswagen Beetle, courtesy of the folks at West Coast Choppers.

According to the car’s eBay listing, the 1944 Volkswagen KdF-Wagen (as such early Beetles are commonly known) is one of the handful of World War II-era Vee-Dubs to survive the Allied Powers’ apocalyptic bombing of Germany intact. Nearly every part of the car, including the engine, transmission, suspension, and interior, is original, though the exterior has been repainted. And as you’d expect with a car packing such a notable pedigree, it comes complete with a fully documented history, including proof of its delivery to Göring’s Berlin office in February 1944.”

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