Euro Tripper Show: Feb. 3/4 2017


What is EuroTripper? Thought you’d never ask.

Euro Tripper Tour Series

Beginning with ET4, Euro Tripper introduced “Euro Tripper Tour Series”.  The idea behind the Tour Series is to pay a bit of dedication to the very best regional Dub scenes in Europe.  Euro Tripper shows off these regions by offering the very best events, cars, enthusiasts and vendors as well.   If you ever feel like seeing truly complete and detailed vehicles, take a trip to Europe and check out an event.  That is exactly what Euro Tripper has been doing, and are so inspired!

Starting off the Tour Series, ET4 was dedicated to the UK.  ET5 is proud to be working with the MIVW (Men in Volkswagen) crew out of Holland.  Paul, the curator of Euro Tripper Promotions, had the pleasure of attending MIVW this past August and were simply blown away!  “Amazing event, mind-boggling cars and just a fantastic atmosphere!  We are honored to have the MIVW crew supporting our event as well!”

How does this benefit Euro Tripper fans?

“We have taken detailed notes from these events on how they organize their events.  As such, we have made some changes to ET5.  We are also partnering with them to bring some unique awards to our event.  And of course the partnership with PVW means a chance for our fans to see themselves in print!”

Get your tickets now!



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