How To Modify an Audi R8


Even though Audi has a rich motorsport heritage in rallying, touring cars and even Le Mans, the four circles never really played in the supercar space. But all that changed when the block buster movie i-Robot starring Will Smith was released in 2004, which featured a very futuristic looking Audi.

It was the birth of the Audi R8 supercar!

Hopeful as we all were, concept car’s never end up looking very much like the road going production version. Not to say we wanted the car to float around like it did in the movie, but at least some similarities would be great. When the car was finally released to the world in 2006, we were not disappointed at all. It was called the R8 and it had the same basic shape as the vehicle in the movie. It was unlike anything we’ve seen on our roads before!

Rewind to 1999 and we have one of the biggest Audi fans around, Gerick Mouton. If Audi had a 5th circle, it would surely be Gerick hanging onto that badge. Gerick was the first person in South Africa to own a supercharged Audi RS4 called Mufassa. He’s current daily is a Q7 V12! And, his wife naturally also drives an Audi, an A1 with some APR software to give it some added flavour. So when Gerick was in the market for a supercar, it was the unmistakable choice of going with the R8.

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