Not Just any Volkswagen Jetta Sells for $42k


Remember the first Fast and Furious movie?

Well, one of the cars used in that particular movie was available for auction. We have since learned that the vehicle has been sold for $42,000.

We are speaking of a car that only appeared in the first movie of the Fast&Furious saga, and it was not driven by one of the two stars of the film.

However, the MY 1995 Volkswagen Jetta owned by the father of the fictional character “Jesse” was signed both by the late Paul Walker and the movie’s director, Rob Cohen.

Until it was sold at an auction organized by Barrett-Jackson, the car was owned by TV celebrity Frankie Muniz. Curiously, the car was sold without a reserve, so that potential customers could battle it out in bids without worrying that they might not even meet the reserve.

Along with the body kit, alloy rims, vinyl pack and the signatures on the rear wing, the car also features several ornaments under the hood.

Still, the Jetta from the original Fast&Furious movie is not exactly fast, as it is fitted with a four-speed automatic gearbox and has a standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline injected engine. The Nitrous Oxide system featured in the movie was just a prop and isn’t present on the car. Jesse’s Jetta does feature an onboard PlayStation 2.

Unlike the movie, the car has different side view mirrors and features stickers with “Pirelli” instead of the original ones with “Toyo Tires.”

While the vehicle did not have any front brake calipers in the scene of the movie that made it famous, the car sold at auction did have a fully functional Brembo braking system, so that aspect was sorted out correctly.

We do not expect the value of this car to rise further in the coming years, but you never know what’s going to happen with vehicles like these. If it had been the hero car of the movie, the Jetta could have fetched over $100,000 at an auction.

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