The 2016 Audi TTRS

Audi has flexed its performance car muscles with the latest Audi TT RS but can it beat the Porsche Cayman?


At the core of the TT RS is its five-cylinder engine. It gives the car massive character, while the enhanced chassis adds even more grip – but it doesn’t offer the balance or involvement of a Porsche Cayman S. Make no mistake, the TT RS is a weapon on the road, but it’s not as adjustable nor does it offer as much feel or poise. The TT RS is a hammer blow compared to the rapier-like Cayman, but it counters this with reassuring four-wheel drive traction all year round – and since it’s priced within £50 of the Porsche, that could win the Audi plenty of sales in the UK.

Porsche has showed a chink in its armour in 2016 with the still brilliant but much less charismatic four-cylinder Cayman S. So if you want a compact performance coupe with an engine that offers real personality, the new Audi TT RS offers a compelling alternative to the droning Cayman.


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