Audi A5 2016: Reveal and specs

Audi has revealed its new 2016 model A5, a large, two-door coupe based on the Audi A4 and boasting a refreshed – though only evolutionary – design over the car it replaces.


It should go on sale towards the end of this year.

Here are the basics.


Audi has given its second generation A5 an evolutionary refresh, placing the car in line with the new Audi A4. While it still uses many of the styling elements of its predecessor, the overall look is sharper and more purposeful.

The front grille sits lower but is wider than on previous incarnations and is flanked by bigger, more aggressive vents in the front bumper, feeding into a new bonnet with more muscular creases running down it and new headlights.

Sharper creases run down the sides, with a noticeable lip running the length of the shoulder line. Around the back sit thinner taillights, inspired by the A4. New construction techniques means that overall, the new A5 is 132lbs lighter.

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