Styling aside, Audi’s all-new A4 is the best car on the road today

When Audi unveiled the 2017 A4, at first blush, I was sort of underwhelmed. That’s because it looks a lot like the last generation A4 — at car that, for all intents and purposes, was just “fine.” It was a good car and a strong competitor in the compact luxury sedan marketplace. However, it never really inspired awe or really forced me to give it a second thought. In this way, the last A4 was like Tobey Maguire — good, but not revolutionary. You could easily forget it was around.

This new A4 is different.

Granted, the all-new A4 has slightly updated styling compared to the last A4. Broadly, though, from an exterior styling standpoint, there’s not a lot of difference between the new and the old. And, although the 2017 A4 rides on a new chassis, based upon its looks, I mistakenly assumed the driving experience would be the same, too.

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