ABT Makes Coolest Volkswagen T6 Tuning Project for Geneva

ABT is coming out with all guns blazing to this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Of course, it helps that the VW Group has been busy launching new cars the past year, including the T6 generation of the transporter. It’s got that Passat faceless image thing going on, so it’s the perfect candidate for an awkwardly cool tuning project.abt-makes-coolest-volkswagen-t6-tuning-project-for-geneva_9
First things first, the ABT version of the T6 packs a punch. The standard engine this model came with was a 2.0 TDI rated at 204 PS and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque. Those are respectable numbers, but the German company’s power pack has increased the output to 235 PS and 490 Nm (362 lb-ft) of twisting power.

An engine swap with the RS3 2.5-liter would have been more interabt-makes-coolest-volkswagen-t6-tuning-project-for-geneva_1esting, but we’re asking too much. ABT’s over-the-counter medicine pack also works for the 150 PS version of the diesel, boosting the output to 180 PS and 400 Nm (from 340 Nm).

Reliability and efficiency are more important than power in the van world. But maybe you want to make the coolest flower deliveries around or shuttle people to the airport in something that looks like a bloated GTI. ABT can help in this department as well, offering a full pallet of parts that can be installed quickly.


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