MKIV K04 Turbo Kit @UroTuning


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– 250 hp
– 285 ft/lbs Massive Torque

Kit includes the following parts:

  • Borg Warner K04-001 Turbo – 53049500001
  • GIAC ECU software (ECU must be sent in for re-flash)
  • Bosch Audi TT 386cc fuel injectors
  • Audi TT225 Mass Airflow Sensor – 06A906461E
  • Green Coolant Temp Sensor
  • All gaskets and hardware required for install

**FITMENT NOTE: The Turbo Inlet Pipe will have to be shaved in order to fit the larger Audi TT MAF sensor housing

The UroTuning/GIAC K04 kit for the AWW/AWP 1.8T consists of K04-01 turbo, GIAC software, all gaskets and hardware, Bosch Audi TT 380cc injectors, an Audi TT225 MAF and Green coolant temp sensor. This kit utilizes the larger K04-001 turbo, with our specially designed GIAC software, to good effect. This kit. exclusive transforms your 1.8T into a lightning fast, yet factory-reliable, rocket ship.

Dyno developed, track tested. Hundreds of hours of tuning and field usage has resulted in a finely tweaked kit that delivers the goods. The cost per hp of this kit is tough to beat, as is its ease of bolt-on install and factory appearance.

The key to the power improvements is the industry leading software from GIAC. Many hours were spent studying the complex programming of the Motronic fuel injection found on these vehicles, and determining how to integrate all the essential maps for repeatable, predictable power improvements. Final tuning of the fuel mixture, ignition timing advance, boost level, and monitoring of the associated Exhaust Gas Temperatures was completed on a Mustang load-type dyno, to ensure safe performance in the real world.

Outward appearances on the kit are totally stock OEM. Please note that a full 2.5″ Turbo back exhaust system is highly recommended for use with this turbo kit.

Dyno results and driving impressions reveal an extremely broad powerband, with usable torque as low as 2000 rpms, and hard pulling horsepower as high as 6700 rpms.

NOTE: This kit is only supported for 2001-2005 Golf/Jetta 1.8T with AWW or AWP engine codes.

Check it out!

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