2017 Audi TTQ unofficial render previews production model


The rumored 2017 Audi TTQ has been digitally imagined based on last year’s TT offroad concept.

It was late November last year when Audi confirmed the TT family will spawn a third body style in the form of a crossover and chances are the real deal will have a lot in common with the attached speculative render. They already previewed the model with the TT offroad concept and it is believed the production model will hit dealerships sometime in 2017.

It will use the same underpinnings as the TT Coupe & TT Roadster duo but apparently Audi’s engineers want to implement an e-quattro system featuring a front-mounted combustion engine, an electric motor housed in the gearbox and a second electric motor powering the rear wheels.

This hardware setup will apparently be good enough for 408 bhp (304 kW) and will provide the TTQ (name not confirmed) with three driving modes: as a front-wheel drive vehicle powered by the conventional engine; rear-wheel drive motivated by the electric motor and all-wheel drive in low-traction areas when the car will run in hybrid mode.

Chances are Audi will be positioning the TTQ as a sportier alternative to the Q3 and the model will compete against the BMW X4 and the yet unreleased Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe.

VIA – http://www.worldcarfans.com/115053194609/2017-audi-ttq-unofficial-render-previews-production

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