The New Mk7 Jetta?


Could this be the next generation Mk7 Jetta? VW has done this quite a lot with the Jetta model. Unveiling a concept car and then years later releasing it as the new Jetta.

If you remember the CJ Coupe Concept VW released back in 1997. Nobody knew at the time it was just a 2 door Mk4 Jetta.


Then in 2010 VW does it again with the New Compact Coupe design which turned out to be the Mk6 Jetta in 2-door form. Its a real shame VW never made this as a production model, it is one sexy looking car.


So what do you think? Will this be the next Mk7 Jetta?

vw-nmc-2-1 vw-nmc-3-1 Auto China 2014

One thought on “The New Mk7 Jetta?

  1. If so, maybe they’ll reverse the trend (show a 2 door/build a 4 door) and offer a 2 door since the concept is a 4 door… I know wishful thinking right?


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